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Migrating PB9 Objects to PB7

You may find yourself working in PB 7 and wanting to use a DataWindow developed in PB 9.  Some objects are easier than others.


Datawindows are addressed specifically in the previous post.  Take a look there

Windows and User Objects

Try opeingi up the  PB 9 version in PB 7.   If this works, Just save it and you are good to go.   If blows up,  here are several  possible causes:

  • An invalid global variable is being referenced
  • A non-standard variable is of a datatype which was not included found in the search path
  • A non-standard variable refers to an object which has not yet been migrated to PB 7

You can clean up the code by editing the .srw export file with a text editor and commenting out the offending references.  When you import the file, make sure the PB 9 version is not in your library path, otherwise the import will fail.  You will not get a helpful error message or PowerBuilder will crash.


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