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Weird problem with dddw not applying filter when the user clicks on a different updateble column

In my app, if the user clicked on a new row for an updateable column, the dddw filter for pos_cd was not being applied. It would work if the user clicked on row outside any column, or on the pos_cd or rsrc_grp columns. Developed this workaround, added the following to the Clicked Event:

if IsValid(dwo) then
   if lower(dwo.type) <> "datawindow" then
       this.SetColumn('pos_cd' )
       this.SetColumn('dpt_nbr' ) // first column
   end if
   if Lower(dwo.type) = "column" and row > 0 then
      ls_name =
   end if
end if


integer li_col
long    ll_row

ll_row = this.GetRow()

if ll_row > 0 and this.RowCount() > 0 then
   li_col = this.GetColumn()
   if NOT IsNull(li_col) and li_col > 0 then
      this.SetColumn('pos_cd' )
   end if
end if 

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