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Sybase Error: 2403 “WARNING! Some character(s) could not be converted…

I was working on a application that I am not too familiar with. While running the app in the PowerBuilder developer environment, I was getting the following database error:

Database error code: 2403

Select error: WARNING! Some character(s) could not be converted into client’s character set. Unconverted bytes were changed to question marks (“?”).

Here is what I did to pin point the source of the error

  1. This error always occurred when doing the same retreieve while running the app in PowerBuilder
  2. Ran the run time version, I could not reproduce the error.
  3. Asked a co-worker to run the app through dev mode on his machine, and verified that he too was getting the error.
  4. I tried a full rebuild, dev mode still threw the error.
  5. Created a new build, the new run time did not throw the error.
  6. Did the retrieve from the Datawindow painter, got the error.
  7. Ran the app with SQL*SPY and found that offending srcipt. Noticed that 26,524 rows were returned
  8. I cut the query and pasted it into RAPID. The ran w/o error, the result set was 214,524 rows

I decided to pinpoint the row/rows using the Datawindow painter to retrieve the data. I did a manual binary search by adjusting the SQL to reduce the size of the result set which would throw the error when I retrieved the data. After about 10 minutes, I was able to determine that only one row was causing the error. Looking at the data showed only one question mark, the word “Nestl?”. The text referred to Nestle. a European company (Swiss?) which sometimes has an accent mark over the final “e”. Problem solved.

I still don’t know why the message only appears while running in the PowerBuilder in developer mode.


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