Schultz’s PowerBuilder Notes

Working with PFC INI Files

Reading from the User INI file

// get list of CSR emp ids from INI file and select these
ls_usr_ini = gnv_app.of_GetUserIniFile( )
ls_csr_string = ProfileString(ls_usr_ini, "CSR", "EMP_ID", "")

Writing to the User INI file

ls_usr_ini = gnv_app.of_GetUserIniFile( )

//    Collect all CSRs in a comma delimited string
FOR ll_indx = 1 TO li_csr_cnt
ls_key = Trim(dw_selected.GetItemString(ll_indx, "cemp_id"))
if ll_indx > 1 then
ls_csr_string += ", " + ls_key
ls_csr_string += ls_key
end if

ls_csr_string = ProfileString(ls_usr_ini, "CSR", "EMP_ID", "")
SetProfileString(ls_usr_ini, "CSR", "EMP_ID", ls_csr_string)

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