Schultz’s PowerBuilder Notes

Making DW Radio Buttons and Check Boxes look disabled

An effective GUI quickly communicates to the users  how they can interact with the current window.  For most datawindow edit styles, PowerBuilder supplies its developers with the means to visually show if  it is available to accept user input.  Unfortunately, if you are working with an older version of PB,  how to show  a disabled check box or a radio button is a  puzzle.  Here is how I deal with this issue.

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PFC Security Q and A

How do I enable the PFC security service?

A common place to do this the pfc_postopen event of w_frame

gnv_app.of_SetSecurity(True) //Enable security service

How do I force security to run on a particular object

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PFC Datawindow RMB Pop-up Menu

How do I disable the RMB menu

this.ib_rmbmenu = False

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