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Datawindow Retreive With Large In Clause

Our DBMS limits the number of Items in an “IN Clause” to 255. If you attempt to retrieve with an array of a larger size, the retrieve fails. One method of dealing with this constraint is to create a temp table, populate this with your retrieval arguments, and then have your datastore join to the temp table during the retrieve. Another way is to use a function similar to this: Continue reading


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Other Event

Mouse Scroll Wheel (other event)

The user can hold down control and then use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out. This can be disabled with the code below. If you want to disable the scroll wheel all together, you would just remove “AND KeyDown(KeyControl!) ” from the code.

// dw's  "other" event

IF message.number = LCI_MOUSEWHEEL AND &
    KeyDown (KeyControl!) THEN
    message.processed = TRUE
    RETURN 1

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Expression Syntax


“Like” can be used to create an expression to look to see if a string to exists anywhere in a column. For example, if you want to filter to include only names which have the string “ing”:

name like “%ing%”

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How do I Enable Just-In-Time Debugging

In the PowerBuilder System Options dialog window, check the Just-in-Time Debugging option. This feature was new in PB 6.0.
In PowerBuilder 7.0, Systems Options is under the Window menu column (Window>System Options…)

More Debugging tips

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