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I installed PowerBuilder 5, but I can not bring up help.

In the file C:\WINNT\WIN.INI insert the following:



Adding a menu button to launch PFC Help

· In the development environment, right click on the menu and select “Customize”

· Click on the Custom radio button

· Drag a new icon to the spot on the menu

· A modal window pops up:

> Command line should have the text similar to the following where it points to the correct PFC help file:

winhlp32.exe C:\Program Files\Sybase\PB6\pbpfc60.hlp

winhlp32.exe C:\Program Files\Sybase\PowerBuilder 7.0\Help\pbpfc70.hlp

> Item Text

> Item Microhelp

Web jumps

This feature provides up to four links to the World Wide Web from within the PowerBuilder development environment.

Up to four web links are available. You specify the Web pages to link to by using the keys WebLink1, WebLink2, WebLink3, and WebLink4 in the [pb] section of the PowerBuilder initialization file. Separate the menu item label from the link by a comma. Enter up to four Web links. For example:






The menu items appear under the Help menu, above the About menu item.

Combining Help

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the help files were combined so you could hit Shift-F1 on a PB, PFC, or Corporate Extension function and have it automatically come up?

Open C:\Program Files\Powersoft\PB6\Help\pbhlp60.cnt in Notepad (or any other text editor) and add the following lines immediately after :Title PowerBuilder Help (the second line

:Index PFC Help=pbpfc60.hlp

:Index Corporate Extension Help=CorpExtn.hlp

:Link pbpfc60.hlp

:Link CorpExtn.hlp

:Include pbpfc60.cnt

:Include CorpExtn.cnt

Save and close the file

Make sure all of the *.hlp files you have included reside in the C:\Program Files\Powersoft\PB6\Help folder.


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